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Hillcraft 2021

David Norris

Gravesham Hillcraft Team

With a heavy heart we have to announce that, once again, Hillcraft will not be happening

this coming Easter due to the restrictions that will still in place because of COVID-19.

As sad as this is, the future is bright and there is loads more to come from both Hillcraft and

Gravesham Scouts going forward. This includes our Autumn adventure in October!

We had lived in hope that by the time Easter came this year we would get back to some

form of normal Scouting that would have allowed us to be able to take our annual trip to

the Lake District. As you all know, restrictions on Scouting, travel and social interaction are

all still in place at current, though they are starting to lift… it is just not quick enough for

Hillcraft to happen.

However, we have already booked Rydal Hall for Easter 2022 and will be returning to the

Lake District from 13th to 18th April 2022! Please, make sure you get those dates in your

calendar ready.

For those that can’t wait that long for their fill of hillwalking with Gravesham Scouts we also

have October Hillcraft booked for 28th October to 31 st October 2021 in the Yorkshire Dales.

In the meantime, please keep sharing your pictures via the Gravesham Hillcraft Facebook

Page to keep the excitement for hillwalking going until we can all be together again in the

hills. If you don’t know what Hillcraft is then please check out the event page on the district

David Norris

Gravesham Hillcraft Team


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