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International Exchange - USA

Sent to DCs on behalf of David Wraight Good morning! We have received the following request to Kent Scouts. If a District or maybe a larger Scout Group is interested in hosting Troop 1, please contact me at and I will link you up with Stuart. Message:

My name is Stuart Parkinson and I am a Committee Member of Scouts BSA Troop 1, Logan, Utah, USA. Our scout troop was founded in 1910 when the scouting movement began in the USA! Troop 1 between 1997-2012 had a scouting exchange with a district in Kent and are looking to restart a scouting exchange in Kent. Is there any way you can put up an electronic bulletin to UK SCOUTS and EXPLORERS scouting units (ages 12-17 specifically) to see if any scouting unit might be interested in an exchange with our troop? Our scouting unit is interested in visiting the UK in the summer of 2025 with UK scouts visiting us in Utah, USA in the summer of 2026. We are interested in pursuing a 2-3 week visit duration with both exchanges. Any assistance you can provide us will be greatly appreciated! Many thanks. Yours in Scouting David Wraight (He/Him) Assistant County Commissioner (International) Kent Scouts

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