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The Band is Back 🎶🥁

A few years ago the 1st Northfleet Scout Band closed after decades, good news, we are back, this time a District Band with a new name and run by the Young People of Gravesham.

We are looking for members across the district from the age of 8 up.

No musical background, no problem, we will teach you while you have fun learning.

We will, at least, initially be practicing with traditional Drums, bell-lyres, and Trumpets, but this is up to you, where the band goes from there is only limited by your drive, enthusiasm and imagination.

The band will be known as Gravesham District Scout Band and be based at 1st Northfleet’s HQ in Rosherville, by the Bus Garage, we will meet on a Wednesday Evening from 19:00 30 21:00.

As always, your Scouting events come first, so there will be no issues with all your regular Scouting activities.

We will be open to all ideas from the young people who take part, in fact this is what we are counting on to make the band more appealing, more fun, and more challenging to you.

Please get in touch with me at to arrange when you can come down.

Best Regards

Kevin Braine

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