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World Scout Jamboree South Korea

World Scout Jamboree South Korea

Check out the below write-ups from our Gravesham World Scout Jamboree members who traveled to South Korea this summer experiencing a very unique World Scout Jamboree.

World Scout Jamboree South Korea Gravesham Scouts Team Photo

Jude Stonehouse

During the Jamboree I was part of Unit 65 of Kent. We were called the Dino-mite Donkeys. We were a particular bunch to say but we all managed to be civil to each other at the end of the day. The Jamboree itself was extremely eventful for the short 2 to 3 days that we were there. I managed to watch the opening ceremony, have dinner with the Japanese and Australians and trade with over 200 people from all over the world. The power of social media meant that I can stay in contact with friends from all over the world. Friends, yes friends that are for life.


Oscar Fazzani

During the Jamboree I was the only Gravesham explorer to be in their own unit (Unit 64 Zoo Lane). We did a whole number of activities ranging from exploration of night markets, such as Meyongdong, to walking the Jamboree site in 40°C blazing sun and 80% humidity. We won't talk about the dismal conditions too much but I would like to say that my unit did not want to leave Seamangueem in the slightest. Whilst on the site I met some amazing people from across the world, we had dinner with an Australian unit were great to have dinner with and dancing with a group from Mexico was one of the best Jamboree moments. Despite leaving the site early to the post site hotels, the experiences in Seoul and beyond were amazing and I loved every minute.

World Scout Jamboree South Korea Gravesham Scouts Team Photo

Ben Woodgate

During the Jamboree I had a range of experiences from trading to traveling. My favourite experience during it was the touring around Seoul and getting to see it on our own. Some of the cool sites we saw in Seoul were the cable car up to the top of one of the hills or all of the palaces and secret gardens. Even though we had a lot of problems at the Jamboree, I still found parts to enjoy, such as the trading, where I got a US bag and a load of scarves and badges. Even though we had a lot of problems and wasn't the experience we were expecting, we still managed to find parts to enjoy.


Freya Cronin

During my Jamboree experience, I have learnt many new life skills and it truly was a time that changed me. When I first arrived I was nervous to meet new people and I worried that I wouldn't be able to do things as best as others. I quickly learned that it is okay to make mistakes and everyone was so understanding and lovely. I soon made millions of friends from all around the world, one in particular that I am still extremely close with today and he is from Australia, and even though the time difference is annoying, we make it work. Not everything exactly went to plan at the Jamboree site, we weren't able to make it onto the site when we planned to but we made it in the end and made it to the opening ceremony. A night to remember. We were only on site for 3 days unfortunately due to the heat, but I didn't mind being in 5 star accommodation hotels. Overall I had an amazing time and I miss it more than ever.

World Scout Jamboree South Korea

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