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All Volunteers Meeting - Transformation Update

All Volunteers Meeting - Transformation Update

Gravesham Scouts All Volunteers Meeting

Over 55 volunteers gathered last weekend to hear details of some of the upcoming changes, both on a national level and more locally.  Fraser updated on the Scouts transformation project, which will include changes to the welcome process for new adults, a move from training to tailored learning, changes to trustee boards and governance and changes to roles to encourage better team working – all with the aim of having more adults, who find volunteering easier and more fun, so we can provide more and better Scouting to more young people.  The IT changes supporting this are now not expected before late Summer.  Richard Painting explained about the planned changes to the toilets at Hopehill and the journey we have been on so far, and Myles talked about changes to the booking system and other IT changes, including wifi at Hopehill!

The slides presented are attached, and if you have any questions please do contact Fraser, Richard or Myles respectively.

To View the full presentation click here

Slides for All Volunteers 27 Jan to share
Download PDF • 4.98MB

Fraser Patrick

Lead Volunteer Gravesham Scouts

All Volunteers Meeting - Transformation Update

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